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Fragrances are the magic of storytelling. Any perfume can throw a person in a certain place at a specific time. It can tell a memory or a story in a fraction of a second. Each perfume can penetrate the deepest cells of the brain and control all decisions for a few seconds.

Perfumes are the magical sign of stories. Stories of remembrance, love, defeat, victory and legends …

LEGMOJ founded in 2019 with a fragrance approach in Paris.

Our effort in this company is based on the role of perfume in the reality of history.

The facts that have happened in past that are recorded in history

LEGMOJ Research and Idea Development Department(RIDD) was founded in this regard, with much time spent researching for signs of aroma in history.

With a lot of researches in history, we found fascinating stories of real people whose fragrance had a strange role in their lives.

Using its unique formulation and natural high-quality essences with powerful simulation, LEGMOJ‘s production unit transformed our research into a legendary and historically backed product. A product by the name of LEGMOJ Perfume, based on the fragrance used by various nationality myths.

We are proud to take you to the world of legendary humans with our powerful products.

Enter the magical world of LEGMOJ and each time you use our products, touch the power of mythical humans with your heart and soul and live every moment with their strange story.

You can be a legend by LEGMOJ.

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